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Where our ancestors—the Eidsvollsmen—took care of business.

EIDSVOLL 1814 The Eidsvoll, Norway site dedicated to preserving the history of Eidsvoll 1814 and Eidsvoll Constitution Hall. Much of the site content is in Norwegian, but some is in English. Click around and explore some of the brief Eidsvollsmen bios in Norwegian and images related to the historic events that transpired at Eidsvoll in 1814. Eidsvoll Constitution Hall and other sites pertinent to the events of 1814 are located a car's drive from Oslo; it's an Eidsvollman descendant must-see. NOTE The great folks at Eidsvoll 1814 spent A LOT of time redesigning and refreshing their Web site during restorations at Eidsvoll 1814 and other activities related to the 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Signing of Norway's Constitution in 2014. Check out new and historic photos, content, history and more at Eidsvoll 1814!

THE STORING (NORWEGIAN PARLIAMENT) The Storting houses Norway's Parliament, as well the Eidsvoll Gallery (where hangs custom paintings of 18 of the 112 Eidsvollsmen), the Constitution of 1814, and many other treasures and information of interest to Eidsvoll descendants. While an official government complex, it's an accessible must-see for any Eidsvoll descendant visiting Oslo, Norway.


America's most trusted Norwegian-American genealogical/ancestry research resources

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL CENTER & NAESETH The Norwegian-American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library is a leading research center for Norwegian-American genealogy and family history. Located in Madision, WI. Visit NAGC & NL in person or online to research your roots or to submit inquiries.


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With 33,000 objects and 12 historic buildings, this national treasure showcases the best in historic and contemporary Norwegian folk and fine arts, and explores the American immigrant experience. Vesterheim is also a renowned cultural center, offering classes, festivals, and group tours. Open all year.

Vesterheim Nat'l Norwegian-American Museum & Heritage Center

Norway's most trusted genealogical/ancestry research resources

THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF NORWAY Since 1882, The National Library of Norway has preserved copies of everything published in Norway: books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, phone books, train schedules and election fliers. Through donations from Norwegian-Americans, we also hold an extensive collection of books, magazines and leaflets produced by the Norwegian communities in the USA. Their collection is kept in secured vaults. For this reason, they recommend sending them an e-mail at before visiting.

The National Library of Norway aims to digitize their entire collection. For copyright reasons, newer material can only be accessed within Norway. Have a look at their website and learn more about your distant Eidsvollman ancestors and relatives.

THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF NORWAY (ARKIVVERKET) The National Archives of Norway (Arkivverket) are located in Oslo and in regional centers around Norway. They preserve archival material from state institutions as well as private ones and make the material available for public use. When using sources from the National Archives for family research, it’s usually best to begin with the Digital Archives ( Here users can easily access censuses, parish records, emigrant lists, real estate registers, probate records, tax lists and other sources. You are also welcome to visit The National Archives in person for advice about how to access material from The National Archives.

DIS-NORWAY DIS-Norge, The Genealogy Society of Norway, is the largest association for genealogists in Norway. DIS-Norge was founded in 1990 and its purpose is to create digital and local meeting places for anyone interested in family and personal history, to spread knowledge, and otherwise encourage conservation, documentation and dissemination of genus and personal stories. DIS-Norge's most famous database is Gravminner – the Norwegian name of the DIS Headstone database. Gravminner is an indispensable tool for all genealogists. It is a FREE service which DIS-Norway provides for their own members—and others who are looking for their ancestors.

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