Cousin Connection

Connect with your fellow Eidsvollman descendants privately

Genealogy: As you know, it's all relative!

Cousin Connection is an organized means for ECONA members who are interested in sharing genealogical information with their fellow Founding-Father descendants to do so via private e-mail communications.

If you are a current ECONA member, let us know you wish to be added to Cousin Connection so that your distant cousins may contact you directly via e-mail. If you do not wish to be contacted by distant Eidsvollman cousins, you don't need to do anything. We respect your privacy and never share your e-mail with a distant cousin for private communications without your permission to do so.

NOTE Be sure we have your up-to-date genealogical information and current e-mail address in our database so that future connections can be made with ease!

PRIVACY NOTE Please respect one anothers' privacy when using Cousin Connection. Cousin Connection is to be used strictly for the sharing and exchange of genealogical information, images, etc. with fellow Eidsvollman "cousins" with their blessing to do so. Any report of e-mail abuse will result in your removal from Cousin Connection.

How to participate in Cousin Connection

Simply send us an e-mail with Cousin Connection/Eidsvollman Insert Name in the Subject Line, along with a brief message on your desire to participate in communicating with distant cousins who share the same Eidsvoll ancestor. You will be added to the Cousin Connection database for your specific Eidsvoll ancestor, so you can then share with fellow descendants interested in the exchange of genealogical information. 
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