Welcome, Eidsvollsmen descendants! Learn about your unique heritage and connect with distant Eidsvollman cousins.

Our ancestors: Norway's Founding Fathers

Norway’s freedom was centuries in the making, but it was the 112 Eidsvollsmen, having sworn a solemn oath to “defend Norway’s independence and risk life and blood for the beloved Fatherland”, who put ink to paper to forge the independent future of Norway.

These 112 trailblazing men met at Eidsvoll, Norway, in May of 1814 to draft, adopt and sign Norway's Constitution, forever securing Norway's independence from 500 years of Danish rule.

EisvollAssembly.gif"Eidsvold 1814" by Oscar Arnold Wergeland (1885)

The individual biographies of the Eidsvollsmen bring these diligent, pro-active men to life again. We’re working hard to get their biographies published in English, one by one, to share with their descendants—thus preserving the lineage and spirit of Norway’s Founding Fathers.



Are you an Eidsvollman descendant?

Thus far, descendants of 81 Eidsvollsmen have been found in North America.

A book is planned for publication following the 200th Anniversary of the signing of Norway's Constitution in 1814.

If you think you may be an Eidsvollman descendant, take these steps to verify it:

  • Gather and update your genealogical information and records
  • View the names of the 112 Eidsvollsmen
  • If you think you see an Eidsvollman in your ancestry, e-mail us your updated genealogical records (in MS Word .doc, Adobe .pdf or GEDCOM file format) for verification
  • If verified as an Eidsvollman descendant, become a member of the Eidsvollsmen Council of North America to stay up-to-date with information, events and member benefits, as well as to connect with your distant Eidsvollman cousins.

The Eidsvollsmen's legacy: Norway's Constitution
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway that was adopted by the Eidsvoll Convention on 17 May 1814 (with later amendments) is the second oldest written Constitution in the World still in existence.

Eidsvoll1814ConstitutionCov.jpgToday's Norwegian Constitution is based on a number of principles that were laid down in the original Constitution of 1814: sovereignty of the people, separation of powers and human rights.


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